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Call for responses to interview with Andrew Dixon, Chief Executive of Creative Scotland 

For the forthcoming 15th year anniversary issue of Variant we are looking to form a series of analytical responses to issues raised by Andrew Dixon in his interview with Variant earlier this year (Spring, 2011).  

These responses will include relatively short 'think pieces' (500 words) and semi-structured interviews.

Discussion need not be confined to the content of the Andrew Dixon interview but may also include your experiences of more recent developments in the form and presence of Creative Scotland.

We appreciate your potential need for confidentiality in these matters and your responses will be printed only with your informed consent.

If you would like to contribute a short response or would like to be interviewed, please contact Variant before Tuesday 25th October 2011:
[email protected]

Leigh French
editor, Variant

Investing, Advocating, Promoting... strategically
Daniel Jewesbury interviews Andrew Dixon, Chief Executive of Creative Scotland (2nd March 2011)
A revealing exchange outlining proposals in Creative Scotland's Corporate Plan:
"We are getting rid of all the art form silos… There will be no art form budgets…we will have generic budgets that are more strategic, much more planned and on a larger scale".